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Market Research & Survey

Market Research & Survey

Market Research Surveys help your organization access critical information and features, such as desirable product/service attributes, the likelihood of using a specific product/service, intended frequency of use, effectiveness of marketing or advertising strategies, and the extent to which a product/service adequately meets the needs of a target group.

The information gathered during this process allows you to better assess market size, market needs, and the strategy your organization should adopt to meet customer needs.  Market Research has other uses as well, such as to clarify or communicate product or service offerings to a target market.

The information gathered during this process can help you:

  • Accurately assess market need
  • Quantify the market size
  • Quantify current and future competition
  • Assess economic factors
  • Discern the perfect price point between volume and profitability
  • Position your brand
  • Test product names
  • Differentiate your products’ or services’ unique selling propositions
  • Identify the best advertising medium
  • Identify a creative strategy to market your product or service

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    Why Market Research & Survey is Required?

    Market research surveys help drive development of your company’s products and services, facilitate strategic development, improve profit margins, and help guide organizational change.  To ensure you maximize your returns on this type of research, it is critical that you develop an appropriate question set and analyze the results in a way that allow you to identify key differences and preferences in your target market.

    By helping you make sense of the information that is gathered during the survey process, SRCA’s Experts make it easy for your organization to confidently address consumer needs and preferences.

    SRCA also assists you in understanding how to move forward with the data once you receive it.  Whether you are a start-up or an established business, market research is a critical component to your long-term success.  Well-designed and thorough market research surveys give you the information you need to execute the most appropriate organizational strategy.  By working with SRCA, you obtain unique insights that empower future success.

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