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SRCA is working with different refinancing scheme of Bangladesh Bank, ADB, JICA, IDA, World Bank and IFC. We have team team who have vast knowledge and expertise  for working with different refinancing scheme for diversified sector.

In recent years, Bangladesh has achieved more than 6 percent of annual economic growth for more than 10 years, and a main driver of the growth is the garment industry, which consists of 80 percent of the country’s exports. However, against a backdrop of fierce global competition and a lack of competitiveness in the industrial sectors, it will be more and more difficult for Bangladesh to achieve economic growth in a sustainable manner.

To overcome such obstacles, Bangladesh Government has taken so many initiative to promote foreign direct investment. This would help Bangladesh introduce new technology from overseas, nurture high value-added export-oriented enterprises and diversify its industries. Under Foreign Direct Investment Promotion, JICA , ADB, IDA and World Bank are allocating or giving long term loan facilities for offsite infrastructure development, local enterprises strength development, Women’s Entrepreneurship and equity-back finance for Economic Zone Development.

Different Refinancing Facilities

SRCA is working with the following scheme of Bangladesh Bank, ADB, JICA, IDA, World Bank and IFC.

Loan Fund for pre-finance under Program to Support Safety Retrofits and Environmental Upgrades in the Bangladesh Ready-made Garments(RMG) Sector Project.

Two Step Loan Fund for refinance or pre finance under JICA Funded Foreign Direct Investment Promotion Project(FDIPP)

Refinancing Facilities for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Environment

Green Transformation Fund for export oriented textile & textile products and leather manufacturing industries

Long Term Financing Facilities(LTFF) under the Financial Sector Support Fund

Financing Facilities under the Investment Promotion and Financing Facility II (IPFF II) Project Fund

Low Cost Fund

“Reduce your cost of fund by utilizing refinancing facilities from Bangladesh Bank…”

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Refinancing Advisor

Debobrota K. Sarker

+880 1711 051 276


Debobrota Kumar Sarker, Managing Director, SRCA

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